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VP CA VHS-C adaptor
VHS-C Tape

For playing back your vhs-c tapes in a vcr deck.
Tape Thickness 15.5 um
Mag Thickness 3.0 um
Basefilm Thickness 12.5 um
Backcoat Thickness -
Tape Width 12.65 mm
Width Variance 0.002 mm
Light Transmittance 0.5 %
Surface electrical resistance (ohm) 5*E8 q
Coercivity 60 (760) kA m (0)
Retentivity 170 (1700) mT (G)
Squarness 0.88
RF output 4.0 dB
Video S/N 3.8 dB
Color S/N 3.7 dB
Color output 2.0 dB


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