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P6120 GX
Tape Camcorder 8MM

Tape Thickness 10.5 um
Mag Thickness 2.5 um
Basefilm Thickness 7.5 um
Backcoat Thickness 0.5 um
Tape Width 8.0 mm
Width Variance 0.006 mm
Light Transmittance 0.1 %
Surface electrical resistance (ohm) 1*E10 q
Coercivity 127 (1600) kA m (0)
Retentivity 260 (2600) mT (G)
Squarness 0.86
RF output 2.5 dB
Video S/N 2.0 dB
Color S/N 2.0 dB
Color output 1.5 dB

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