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VHS Tape

Broadcast Quality VHS Videocassettes
The best picture quality and the best audio available

Continual engineering research and innovation keep Maxell Broadcast Quality VHS Videocassettes at the forefront of picture and audio quality. Super particle dispersion and orientation create high video output, chroma output, chroma S/N, and video S/N. And Maxell's tape formulation and binding process make the sound as perfect as the picture. Plus features like backcoating help ensure the longevity of each tape.

Specifications Unit T-30, -60, -120 BQ
Physical Properties Total Tape Thickness Ám 18.3
Magnetic Layer Thickness Ám 2.9
Base Film Thickness Ám 14.6
Backcoating Thickness Ám 0.8
Tape Width mm 12.650
Tape Width Variation mm 0.002
Residual Elongation % 0.04
5% Yield Strength N (kg) 25 (2.6)
Magnetic Side Electrical
Resistance Ohms/sq. 1 x 109
Light Transmittance % 0.1
Magnetic Properties Coercivity kA/m (Oe) 57 (720)
Retentivity mT (G) 135 (1350)
Squareness Ratio -- 0.81
Video Properties RF Output (6 MHz) dB +2.6
Video S/N* dB +2.5
Color S/N* dB +2.0
Color Output* dB +1.8
Dropouts (-18 dB, 15 Ás) count/min less than 10
Still Life min. more than 60
Audio Properties Audio Sensitivity* dB +1.0
Frequency Response* dB 0
Hi-fi Output* dB +2.5
* Indicates a comparison with Maxell reference tape.

Recording Times Model SP Mode LP Mode EP Mode Item #
T-30BQ .5 hr 1.0 hr 1.5 hr 230920
T-60BQ 1.0 hr 2.0 hr 3.0hr 230820
T-120BQ 2.0 hr 4.0 hr 6.0 hr 230703

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